My Routine

My day starts with that sound of my 5:30 AM alarm.At 7:00 Bus stop catching bus to My college with some song.Breakfast at 8:30 (sometimes) class starts at 8:50 starting the class with boring subject with boring staff makes me to wait for break. Then the boring class starts again it will be upto 12:30.Here the lunch break comes will be having lunch with friends and some little chat. And the afternoon season we all will go Greefi Technologies to do works upto 7:00 PM sometimes it will last upto next day morning that includes having fun in between. This is how the day goes for me.


My First Blog

Hi there,
This is first blog and the truth is I don’t know to write have read one or two.I’m sorry forgot to introduce myself. Arunprakasan AKV well thats my name.I’m the guy who intend to see what’s up next, And This World Teach Me Daily I’m the one who follows it.Diligent in Web Development as well as Mobile App.It’s Cool when I Work in a Team or Individual. Then i would Like to Hangout With My Buddies, Thats it. And my favorite lines is “Everything is Right When You Believe That is Right.”